BLANKIE Igor Ventura

할인판매가 : 13,000원
적립금 : 200 (2 %)
SIZE : 6cm
수량 :
스크랩 :



Blankie™: Designer Series 1 by Aarting Collection


Igor Ventura 입니다.


Blankie™ has arrived! 

Each of these 12 limited edition collectibles was envisioned and created by up-and-coming designers from countries around the world including PO! (Argentina), Igor Ventura (Brazil), Stor Dubine (Germany), Matucha (Mexico),  McCoy (Canada), Menilla (Mexico), Miss Shelby (USA), Cvele (Serbia), Jec (Mexico), Atomic1970 (Spain), Chupa & Cabra (Italy), Jaoc (Venezuela),

This groundbreaking series was created and selected by the Aarting design community. Artists from all over the world submitted 196 designs, and over 150,000 toy lovers voted to choose the 12 unique designs that are included in this amazing release!

Figures stand 3 inches tall. Blind boxed, 25 figures per display case. For more information, visit


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