Muttpop's Tcho!
By Ohm Mini Figure Line

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Muttpop's Tcho! By Ohm Mini Figure Line입니다


블라인드 박스제품 입니다. 

Muttpop's Tcho! mini-figure series features comic characters from the Tcho! Comics Anthology re-interpreted by France-based artist, Ohm.
Figures range in height from 4.7 inches (11cm) to 2.8 inches (7cm). Each of the 5 purchasable figures (Jubbei, Moko, Captain Biceps, Lou, and Malika) comes with 1 of 5 pieces to assemble a bonus sixth figure (Titeuf).
Every display carton of Tcho figures comes with 20 individual boxes that make up 3 complete ORIGINAL figure sets and 1 complete CHASE (Classico or Extra Spicy Glow) figure set. One complete set of EXTRA SPICY GLOW chase figures guaranteed with the purchase of 1 Master Case (4 display cartons).

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