할인판매가 : 39,000원
적립금 : 700 (2 %)
SIZE : 6 inch
수량 :
스크랩 :



블라인드 아이템 FILTH KANSER (6 inch) 입니다



This Kanser was asked to perform, and paint a mask on his face.  He wanted to show off, but instead of painting his mask on his face, he painted the mask on his whole body!  Not only did he get everyone's attention, now he has yours!

Coming off his recent design in our Kaniza blind box series, is a new release from the popular designer originally based in Brooklyn and now in Portland, Oregon - FILTH.  He has applied his ever popular Chinese opera inspired design on Keith Poon's Kanser! The Chinese opera mask symbolizes different emotions and personality traits based on how it is painted.  Each color has its own symbolic meaning.  This Kanser painted himself pink.  The pink opera mask color-way by FILTH symbolizes sophistication and composure.


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